Writing A Letter To Your Future

It is such a meaningful thing to write a private letter to your future, then sealed, and wait until a specific time and open it in the future. It can be in one year, three years, ten years, or even twenty years later!

Why write a letter to your future self?

Yeah, it will be a really insightful experience. Just imagine that writing a letter to your future self 5 years from now, then open it to see what things you have already accomplished and what haven’t. It is an auxiliary measure that can help you achieve your goals, because it helps crystallize exactly how you anticipate yourself to become at that specific moment down the road.

While you read the letter in the future, you will know how many expectations match up or not, and think about why that is the case. This letter helps you revisit your initial vision from a macro point of view and lets you recognize how your current vision differs from the past.

In addition, at the moment you write this letter, your consciousness completely focus on. Therefore, when you open the envelope, you can compare the future of yourself to the present, and know how you changed for the time. It is really an interesting experience to look at your growth.

1. Now, imagine that you are writing a letter to your future self several years, what do you want to say to yourself in the future? Your goals and aims about career, family, friendship, study, or business? Your love ? Your contribution?

2. Remember to write down your name and date.

3. Keep your letter to a safe place where others could not find and remark when you will open it.

When you open it someday in the future, you might gain additional insights about yourself and your journey in the past few years that you were oblivious to.